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Euphoria head showers

Your personalized shower

Adapt your shower to your personalized mood and need. The Euphoria 260 SmartControl has three zones you can choose from. With just the turn of a knob you control the spray: from a powerful Jet spray for rinsing out shampoo to a Rain spray that relaxes you after a long day at work. Let this generously proportioned showerhead give you an exhilarating moment all to yourself.

Euphoria 110 head showers also offer a relaxing Rain spray, complemented on selected variants by a SprayDimmer to reduce water consumption by up to 40 % with our SmartRain Spray.

Product range

Experience EUPHORIA 260

Three zones of showering pleasure at your fingertips. Transform from one to the next with a turn of the button, adjusting the width of the spray and the power of the water flow. Simply by continually turning the button you can enjoy the powerful Jet Spray, followed by the wider SmartRain Spray for an energising yet relaxing effect and on to the full face Rain Spray for a soft summer rain feeling. Continue turning to travel through all three zones again. For ease of use, the button can be turned continuously in either direction.

Rain Spray

Wide and luxurious – a soft, delicate pattern to soothe the skin. Mimicking warm summer rain, the spray provides a full and even coverage.

SmartRain Spray

All the features and benefits of our authentic Rain Spray but with a reduced spray diameter and more power.

Jet Spray

A focussed circular spray, which delivers a refreshing burst of water. Ideal for stimulating the skin or washing shampoo out of your hair.