Frequently Asked Questions

Can cold water be chilled?

Does GROHE offer sparkling water?

When should the filter be changed?

Which filters are available?

Are the different sizes of filter interchangeable?

Does the water need to be isolated when changing the filter?

What are the differences and main advantages of GROHE Blue® filters compared to other brands?

Does the filtered water come into contact with non-filtered water?

Is power required for the tap to work?

Is the filter recyclable?

Where should the electronic pack be installed?

What finishes are available for GROHE Blue®?

Are the carafes available to purchase?

Can the current GROHE Blue® system also be retrofitted with the cooled/carbonated version in the future?

What functions does the GROHE Blue® Chilled & Sparkling have?

What does the GROHE Blue® Pure Starter Kit contain?

What does the GROHE Blue® Chilled & Sparkling Starter Kit contain?

What are the capacities of the different CO2 bottles?

Can the water pressure burst the filter?

How does the filter work?

How does the fitting detect that 600 liters have actually flowed through the filter given that local flow rate conditions can vary?

Can I adapt the filter to different water hardnesses?

How long can the unused filter be stored for?

What happens if I do not use the filter for an extended period of time?

What happens when the filter is full? Will water still come out?

Can I also use commercially available filters in the system?

How high is the flow rate?

Why should I drink GROHE Blue® water? I keep hearing that tap water is top quality. So why should I purchase GROHE Blue®?

What about minerals? Will I get enough minerals by using GROHE Blue®?

Where can I purchase GROHE Blue®?

Are GROHE Blue® glasses also available?

What are the advantages of GROHE Blue® for the consumer?

Can I vary the supply of bubbles?

Where can I purchase a refill of the C02 bottles?

Where do I obtain larger C02 bottles?

Are the CO2 bottles safe for me and my family?

Can I get an installer to connect my CO2 bottle?

Where is the filter installed?

Can I adapt the filter to different water hardnesses?

What does the GROHE Blue® filter remove?

How long does the small filter last?

What happens when the filter is full? Will water still come out?

Will I also be able to purchase replacement filters in the future?

How do I dispose of the filter?

Do I need to call an installer to replace the filter?

What prerequisites must be in place in order to use the tap?

How high is the flow rate?

Can I draw water even in the event of a power failure?

How does the mousseur work?

Is there a warranty?

How cold can I make the water?

Can I also use GROHE Blue® water in other kitchen appliances (e.g. coffee machines)?

What about making tea?

Does GROHE Blue® not filter the essential calcium from the drinking water?

Does the GROHE Blue® water really taste so great?

The cooler of GROHE Blue® Chilled & Sparkling is making a lot of noise, what can I do?

Is GROHE Blue® suitable for baby food?

GROHE BLUE® Benefits

Find out the ways in which GROHE Blue® brings benefits to your home regarding:

  • taste
  • health
  • convenience
  • sustainability
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GROHE Blue® filters use a five-step filtration process to remove even smallest particles from tap water, while leaving behind all the important minerals.

GROHE Blue® systems offer you a choice of filter size as well as three filter type options, meaning you can get perfect drinking water wether you live in a hard or soft water area.

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GROHE Blue® Chilled & Sparkling

GROHE Blue® Chilled & Sparkling

Do you like your chilled drinking water still, medium or sparkling? The choice is all yours. First the water is filtered to remove impurities. Then it is chilled to create that mountain-fresh taste. And a simple twist of the handle lets you choose the carbonation.

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GROHE Blue® Pure

GROHE Blue® Pure

For people who prefer still water only, GROHE Blue® Pure is the ultimate solution. Better tasting than tap water, better for the environment than bottled water, and much more convenient for you, GROHE Blue® Pure offers drinking water of ultimate purity.

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GROHE Blue® Shop

Save money with GROHE Blue®: Great-tasting GROHE Blue® costs just one fifth of the price of premium waters. You reduce your energy consumption and avoid huge quantities of plastic waste!

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